10 Amazing Things You Can Make with a Cardboard Boxes

According to the definition of the cardboard is thick, multi-layered paper, which is used mainly in the manufacture of packaging. Mainly because this material hides a much greater potential, which are finding more and more supporters ecological lifestyle and design fans..

You’ll be surprised what you can make with something as cheap and readily available as cardboard boxes. Making something amazing doesn’t necessarily lots of money or costly ingredients. A lot of people have stacks of cardboard boxes in their basements, leftover from moves as well as online shopping. Here are several pretty awesome things you can make with those boxes. Check them all!

1. DIY Geometric Shoe Rack

DIY Geometric Shoe Rack

Messy shoes in closet? This brilliant space saving and sturdy DIY cardboard shoe organizing rack is easy to do and really useful!

Instructions: apieceofrainbow.com

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  • Serge Golubov- GIlboa