10 Creative Ways to Reuse Milk Crates

10 Creative Ways to Reuse Milk Crates

This particular object is more practical than you might think. They stack very easily and are created to support heavy loads. But what is the best part? Milk crates are often simple to come by and are usually inexpensive or totally free!

These handy plastic milk crates could be a perfect for DIY projects and their uses are unlimited! Here are 10 DIY projects which went a step beyond than just using it as a milk crate. Enjoy!

1| Make a Toy Storage for The Little People

via: anabuji.blogspot.com.br

2| Use Them for Kitchen Storage

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3| Transform Milk Crates to Bookshelves for Your Kids’ Room

via: morelikehome.net

4| Use Milk Crates As Planters

via: beatsbyotter.com

5| Use Them to Build Your Own Shelving

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6| Organize Your Entryway

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7| Create Platform Beds for Kids

via: popsugar.com

8| Turn Milk Crates Into a Chandelier

via: champagneandlollipops.wordpress.com

9| Cover Them with Fabric and Store Yarn

via: lauragunn.typepad.com

10| Create Milk Crate Stools for Your Garden

via: grabyourfork.blogspot.com

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