10 Fun Food Crafts to Make with Kids

As a mother of a child I was always looking for a fun and interesting ways to make food and cooking them was more appealing. If your kids does not like some vegetables, it is enough that you prepare them in a funny way and believe that it will certainly be tempted. Today I show You 10 easy ideas on how to replace your meals in the art. The preparation of such meals will make your kids a lot of fun. Enjoy your meal!

1. Flower Power Eggs

Flower Power Eggs

brilliant breakfast dish. Source: apronstringsblog.com

2. Apple Umbrella

Source: cutefoodforkids.com

3. Very Hungry Catepillars

Very Hungry Caterpillars

Source: littlefoodjunction.com

4. Carrots cut like french fries

carrots cut like french fries

Source: superhealthykids.com

5. Egg Salad Chick Sandwich

Egg Salad Chick Sandwich

How to: hungryhappenings.com

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