15 Beautiful DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

The outdoor showers are an excellent solutions for the summer time. They can be placed anywhere in your garden. They’re really simple and easy to set and the best is you can do them by yourself. Outdoor showers are not just functional, the structures can be beautifully decorated with flowers, plants and ornaments, adding unique flavor to your backyard, creating relaxing and fun atmosphere that delight little ones and adults.

Here you find some creative examples how to make a fabulous outdoor shower that will fit in your backyard design.

1. Can Shower Head

A simple solar heated hose system with an upcycled can as the shower head.

Instructions at instructables.com

2. Hose and Bracket Shower

You can’t find a big tree? Don’t worry. Matt created a simple bracket using wood and a couple of C clamps.

Full Tutorial at homejelly.com

3. Garden Hose Shower on A Tree

and a ladder for some towels.

Instructions: sweetpaulmag.com

4. Surfboard Shower

Via: apartmenttherapy.com

5. Pallet Outdoor Shower

2 pallets are arranged in a half closed shape to attain a private set up for changing swimsuits or clothes. Source: 99pallets.com

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