5 Easy Ways to Cool Your Home without Air Conditioning

5 Easy Ways to Cool Your Home without Air Conditioning

Using an air conditioner to survive the hottest seasons of the year can be quite demanding when it comes to paying your electric bills. Although it does provide a great deal of benefits when it comes making things a bit more efficient, it can really gnaw on your budget. For this reason, you can take advantage of 5 simple strategies to help you in cooling the air in your room while saving a lot of money in the process.

1. Use blinds to keep the heat out

Use blinds to keep the heat out

In hot seasons, most of the heat in a room almost always comes from the windows. Cracking them open during the day would let in warm air, making your room feel like a furnace, especially if the windows you are having faces against the direction of the sun rays during the day. Making use of vinyl blinds can keep the warmth out of your room.

2. Let cool air in by opening doors and windows

In contrast to keeping the warm air out during the day time, you can let in the cold during night time by opening the doors and windows. You can even do this during the day if you have windows that do not face the sun directly to let in cool drafts of wind.

3. Freshen the room with new linens

Maintaining a cool feeling wile inside the room also involves some modifications in the visual and tactile aspect of the room. You can keep the room looking fresh and cool by replacing your dark coloured sheets with less light absorbing pastel coloured sheets. Aside from maintaining a lighter impression in the interior of your room, you can also enjoy the good smell out of a fresh set of newly laundered linens.

4. Make use of energy saving appliances

Make use of energy saving appliances

You can always save energy while keeping your rooms cool and comfortable by using energy saving appliances such as electric fans and exhaust fans. Although they do not directly change the temperature of the air within your room, they can keep the existing air from settling and warming by driving them away and making new space for cooler air. Just remember to keep them clean so that you can save more on electricity while using them.

5. Be smart with your clothing choices

A cool room is not always about the environmental factors. Sometimes, your own clothing choices could impact the way you feel about the temperature of your room. For this reason, you can keep yourself from heating up and being uncomfortable by choosing the right kind of clothing that matches the weather. Sleeveless and shorts, or any other light clothing material can help you in keeping yourself cool on warm days.

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