10 IDEAS How to Make a Pencil Holder for Your Desk

Each of us could use a good organizer on the desk, and especially our kids. Where they would to keep their crayons, pencils, pens and markers. No need to immediately go to the store, you can do the organizer itself. You will save some money on this, and your pencil holder will be unique and will look beautiful on your desk.

Anything will probably be a lot more simpler to have a place where you can keep your pencils and get them out your way. Doing this kind of storage might make your desk organized and also you won’t need several hours to locate pen or pencil.

Check out some most interesting ideas of pencil holders, and don’t forget to share your favorite!

Fabric Tape Covered Pen Holders

1. Fabric Tape Covered Pen Holders

Cool pen holders covered with fabric tape and self-adhesive fabric sheets.

How to: craftandcreativity.com

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