Wake up More Beautiful: 7 Bedtime Beauty Routine Tips



You want to wake up and feel beautiful every morning? Today I have for you some great beauty tips, which every girl should include in their daily habits. Try these beauty tips tonight and wake up looking beautiful in the morning.



1. Wipe off Your Make-up

Wipe off Your Make-up

Makeup can clog the pores while you sleep, resulting in the development of acne.

2. Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth before bedtime prevent cavity formation and gum disease.

3. Moisturize Your Body

Your skin will be soft, smooth and gorgeously glowing.

4. Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliation can help remove the dry, dead skin.

5. Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair

It ruins any chance of having a good hair day in the morning.

6. Get Super Soft Baby Feet

Get Super Soft Baby Feet

Apply vaseline on feet and put on socks before you sleep.

7. Tie Your Hair in a Loose Braid

Braided hair will remain better protected when you are asleep, and also reduces knots.

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